Barbara Mangelsen

Creative Director | Managing Director | Diplom Designer
Head of the costume design and fashion unit
Born in Baden-Württemberg in 1965

Barbara Mangelsen studied Industrial Design at the Berlin University of the Arts, majoring in costume design and fashion.

After graduating, the fashion designer developed her own fashion collections that were presented and marketed in major cities, such as Berlin and Tokyo. At the same time, she worked for “Gewandmacher,” a master craftsman studio for costume design in Berlin, where she was responsible for the creation of various costumes for films and theatre.

After establishing her own design studio in 2000 with her partner Rainer Otto, in addition to outfitting numerous events, she has designed many costumes for theatre and musical productions. Two of her most famous projects have been the annual Martin Luther-themed productions by the theatre “Bühne Wittenberg” and more than one hundred costumes for the musical “Buddy Holly” that was performed in the free port area in Hamburg.

Together with her partner, Barbara Mangelsen also operates a gallery for object art in the Uckermark region.

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